“Can I recycle my medicine bottle?”

Typical pill container that can be recycled. If the plastic lid is less than 4" in diameter it cannot be placed into your blue single-stream recycling cart.

The Safe Medicine Disposal team gets this questions a lot.   The short and simple answer is yes, absolutely, and please recycle those plastic pill containers. 

There are many reasons why you should recycle the containers instead of throwing them in the trash or disposing of them in the Safe Medicine Collection Bin.  When you recycle plastic you are ensuring that it will be put to use elsewhere, instead of just sitting in a landfill taking up space.  Plus, by putting only the pills into the medicine collection bin (and leaving the bulky plastic containers out), you are helping to extend the life of this valuable program.  The cost for the disposal of medication is done per collection unit (bin) and not by the weight of the unit.  Every time someone puts a plastic pill container into a medicine collection bin, it takes up valuable space.  Please empty your pills into a plastic baggie prior to disposal…and then recycle those medicine containers!!

For more information on what can and cannot be recycled visit the Sonoma County Waste Management Agency website.